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1. Aspiring in dream seeking 1980-2000

In 1980, the R&D of small operating system for China's intercontinental missile was completed. The system won the Science and Technology Award granted by Ministry of XX.

In 1988, the prototype CRDS, the first home-made database management system with independent copyright was born.

In 1992, Dameng Database Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology was established.

In 1997, the home-made database DM2 was initially used by the financial application system of China Power Finance Co. Central China Branch. Since then, the system was used by its 76 branches across the country.



2. Outstanding in dream seeking 2000-2006

In 2000, Wuhan Huagong Dameng Database Co., Ltd., the first database firm in China was established.

In 2000, DM3 emerged and was widely applied in security field. It has been ranking No. 1 for seven consecutive years in home-made database sector.

In 2004, the R&D team completed the R&D work of two and a half years within seven months and launched DM4, with the performance overstepping the home-made database based on open source technology in China and keeping its first place in national test.

In 2006, DM5 was improved in security, reliability and productivity and won the gold award of the 10th International Software Expo



3. Harmonious in dream building 2006-2012

In 2006, Dameng adjusted its development strategy and marched into big data market for adapting to the market demand. The first big data application in China - Three Gorges Reservoir Early Warning and Commanding System for Geological Disasters developed by Dameng in China was put online.

In 2008, China Software Co., Ltd. made a strategic investment to Dameng, allowing it to step into a stage of rapid development.

In 2009, the compatibility of DM6 with internationally mainstream database products was significantly improved and DM6 was widely applied in fields with stricter requirement of safety such as government and important and sensitive industries.

In 2012, the new generation Dameng database management system DM7 was released. By supporting large-scale parallel computing and massive data processing technologies, it is an ideal enterprise-level database management service platform.


4. Persistent in dream realizing 2013 up to now

In 2013, Dameng big data platform was upgraded and released for providing a series of integrated big data management services ranging from big data storage, exchange, management to analysis.

In 2013, the first overseas project based on DM7 was successfully put online in Ministry of Education (Thailand).

In 2014, Hebei Political-Legal Cloud was successfully put online. The research results of Dameng in big data field have been further applied.

In 2016, Dameng big data platform has been widely applied in more than 30 fields such as public security, government affairs, credit, judicial, audit, housing, land and emergency etc.

Shanghai Pudong New Area government affairs data center was successfully put online, indicating that Dameng has stepped into smart government affairs.

In 2017, the market share of Dameng has ranked the first for years in home-made database market, indicating a rapid development in business of "big data" field. 

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