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Service mode Three in one supervision mode
Remote supervision Party A use of the scene: ① Party A phone at any time to see site conditions;
② Owners can conduct on-site and decoration project manager or supervision of video communication;
③ Everything can be photographed down, safety issues, quality problems can be traced back
Supervision use of the scene: ① Monitor construction progress and provide important construction requirements and recommendations based on progress;
② Online site inspections, online construction issues camera and storage;
③ Party A is not at the site, on-site supervision through the camera and Party A for remote communication and services;
④ Oversee the access of materials in case of malicious material replacement.
Site supervision Senior Decoration Supervision Division: We are actually engaged in the decoration of the role of Party A, with our experience and technology to solve the problem of asymmetric decoration information. Technical Support Team: The technical supervision team consists of civil engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, first-level architects, senior designers, cost engineers and intelligent home furnishing experts. Based on dozens of technical experts from Tongji University Technology Park , Can provide high-tech supervision and solutions. Easy supervision tooling supervision services using the core field supervisor + technical support team approach On-site core supervision division, is generally practicing more than 20 years of decoration supervision experts, most of them are from the large-scale decoration company senior project manager, office decoration project manager, high technical standards, combined with advanced technology and equipment, decoration can be achieved high Quality control.
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Water treatment system solutions
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Tooling overall solution by the Division I Gu Guikui, director of technology personally responsible for the project, co-resident supervision, targeted for the owners to provide specific solutions.
If you have any specific problems in the decoration, please consult our technical hotline:
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Australian supervision and management system The core of this system is: Advance preparation and acceptance points and standard advance notice, the matter of scientific supervision, after the standard acceptance and scientific recovery of a set of supervision and management system. Mr. Zhang Wenhai, the founder of our company, has been practicing in Australia for more than ten years. The system-assisted camera intelligent management system, can effectively improve the level of decoration management.
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