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《Membership agreement》
Registration Agreement X

Before registering, please read the following. clicking the " agree and continue" button during the registration process means that the user fully accepts all the terms and conditions under this agreement.
Article 1 membership
After you promise to fully agree with the terms of service and complete the registration process at the website of Wuhan dameng database co., ltd, you will become a member of this website and enjoy the services provided by the website of Wuhan dameng database co., ltd.
Article 2: membership rights
1, members must sign a contract, pay the relevant business fees to enjoy all the tax service content provided by this website ( other registered new enterprises can enjoy only part of the platform service );
2. any member shall be obligated to comply with these regulations and other agreements, regulations, procedures and practices of network services.
Article 3: membership information
1, in order to enable us to better provide services for members, please provide detailed and accurate personal data, such as change please update in time, provide false information caused by the consequences borne by the member;
2, members have the responsibility