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DM8 & Cluster Software
Dameng Database Management System
The DM8 is a next-generation large general relational database which boasts ultimate compatibility, high availability, high reliability and high security. At present applied in over 50 industries including finance, energy and transport.
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Data Sharing Cluster
A high-performance shared storage cluster with 12 years’ development, DMDSC provides a powerful database processing capacity and is already extensively applied in electric power control, financial core trading systems, public finance systems and the core systems of other major industries.The software boasts financial-grade high availability, automatic load balancing and other capabilities.
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Large-scale Parallel Processing Cluster
Used for solving massive data storage and processing, the DMMPP meets high concurrency, high-cost efficiency and high-performance requirements, and provides high-end data warehouse solutions, offering clients industry-leading computing performance at extremely low costs.
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Data Watch Cluster
A high-availability database solution, the DMDataWatch ensures data synchronization between the primary and standby nodes via log synchronization, realizes quick database switching and disaster recovery, satisfies users’ data security and high availability requirements and provides uninterrupted database services.
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Read/Write Separation Cluster
While guaranteeing that transactions of the primary and standby databases are consistent, the DMRWC’s groundbreaking interface layer (JDBC, DPI, etc.) automatically diverts read-only operations to the standby database, which effectively reduces load on the primary database and improves system throughput.
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