Introduction: The DM8 is a next-generation large general relational database that fully supports ANSI SQL standards and mainstream programming language interfaces/development frameworks. The database boasts row-column converged storage technology compatible with both OLAP and OLTP systems to meet HTAP hybrid application scenarios.

The DM8 is a next-generation database developed by Dameng Database Co. Ltd. The database was created utilizing the company’s experience in the R&D and application of its past DM product series and in adherence to its core concepts of openness, innovation, simplicity and practicality.

The DM8 adopts the advantages of current advanced new technology concepts and mainstream database products, fusing the strengths inherent in distributed, elastic computing and cloud computing to achieve large-scale improvements in flexibility, usability, reliability, security and other aspects. Its diversified architecture fully meets the requirements for various scenarios, supports super large-scale concurrent transaction processing and transaction-analysis hybrid service processing, and the dynamic allocation of computing resources. This then facilitates more refined resource utilization and lower investment costs.

A single database that satisfies a multitude of user requirements, allowing them to focus more of their energy on business development.

Large General Purpose
Is fully adaptable with a variety of software and hardware systems, supports mainstream SQL standards and general purpose programming languages, interfaces and development frameworks. At high concurrency, the application of large data volume has clear advantages.
High Performance
An optimizer and independent virtual actuator that uses cost based calculations and applies batch data vectorized execution, MVCC and other technologies to improve performance, and achieve dual CPU single-node TPMC of one million.
Supports HTAP Hybrid Services
Row-column converged storage technology supports hybrid load, while at the same time the system supports OLAP and OLTP service scenarios, and on this base, boasts HTAP hybrid service processing capabilities.
Flexible Deployment
With the same kernel, and same syntax and interface, can deploy different cluster models depending on users’ service requirements, and support centralized and distributed architecture, reducing migration, usage, operation and maintenance costs.
Smooth Migration
Provides migration evaluation and automatic migration tools to ensure that database migration is much more convenient; supports flexible replacement, reducing system migration risks.
Configured with a one-stop “cockpit” toolset, supports unified database operation and maintenance management, SQL debugging analysis and monitoring alarms.
Product Architecture

DM8 uses unique dual-storage engine architecture: a row storage engine and a column storage engine that can cooperate and work together. At the same time, this helps allow the separation of the computing layer and storage layer, while the same kernel supports both shared storage clusters and distributed transaction clusters. Compared to current mainstream product architecture—where different features rely on different kernels to achieve this—DM8’s architecture is an industry first and the future of database architecture.





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