A shared storage cluster applicable to intensive trading scenarios, DMDSC uses single database multi-instance architecture to provide external services based on multiple nodes in its shared storage and achieve high throughput.

Dameng’s data sharing cluster software (DMDSC) adopts DM8’s new technology and boasts high availability and extensibility, making it a core piece of technology in the database support network computing environment.

DMDSC is a multi-instance single database system that is primarily comprised of its database and database instances, shared storage, local storage, communications network and the DMCCS cluster control software. Multi database instances can gain simultaneous access to or modify the data in the same database. Users can log into any random database instance within the cluster to gain comprehensive database services. There are only single data files, on-line logs and control files within the cluster system, meaning that no matter how many nodes there are, these nodes all evenly use these files, and those files are then saved into the shared storage. 

DMDSC technology can provide support for low-cost hardware platforms and get high-quality services from them, as well as reach or even overreach the levels of usability and scalability that high-end hardware platforms can provide. By remarkably reducing management costs and providing outstanding management flexibility, Dameng offers strong support for an enterprise’s grid environment.

DMDSC is designed for use with applications that have high availability and scalability. By protecting applications from hardware and software failures, it can provide system availability that ensures continuous access to data. Its horizontal and vertical scaling features form a platform, which allows enterprises to extend their business from any level. An application’s development and management, as well as change of management, thus becomes simpler and that then accordingly reduces an enterprise’s overall costs.

High Reliability
Eliminates single point of failure: If one instance fails, other instances within the cluster will continue to run properly. Supports error detection: Cluster components will automatically monitor the DSC database and provide rapid problem detection in this environment. Supports continuous operation: Provides continuous service capabilities to cope with planned and unplanned downtime, provides rapid application notifications and rapid connection failover, and hides cluster component failure from the user to guarantee continuous service capabilities.
High Recoverability
Dameng’s database boasts many recoverability features and can recover from all kinds of different failures. If an instance in DMDSC fails, it will be noticed by other instances within the cluster and recovery will automatically take place. Its transparent failovers leave users with a zero perception of failures.
High Extensibility
When service requirements increase, management personnel can easily increase processing capacity by adding connected nodes. DMDSC’s cache switching technology can immediately make use of the CPU and memory resources of newly added nodes, meaning the DBA does not need to manually repartition the data.
Load Balancing
DMDSC boasts load management technology, guaranteeing that under specific configurations and with high application availability, optimal throughput of the system is achieved. With OLTP in transaction-oriented systems, when using the professional tool TPCC to conduct detection, it will show good load-balancing capabilities.
Efficient Application Migration
Highly compatible with mainstream database ecologies, including temporary tables, triggers, stored procedures, DBlink, hierarchical queries and other advanced features, to fully support mainstream programming language interfaces/development frameworks, and reduce application migration costs.
Enterprise-grade DR
Can match DMDataWatch and DMHS to provide an enterprise-grade intra-city two center, two-site and three-center rapid deployment scheme, and support remote data disaster recovery over thousands of miles away.
Product Architecture

DMDSC is a multi-instance single database system that is primarily comprised of its database and database instances, shared storage, local storage, communications network and the DMCCS cluster control software, allowing simultaneous access to multiple database instances and offering a complete database service.




Application Scenarios

DMDSC boasts automatic fault sensing, non-inductive failover, remote deployment, multi-point write, load balancing and other capabilities that can both resolve long database service interruptions caused by hardware failures, natural disasters and other reasons, as well fully meet the high(-) performance needs of key core business systems.

  • High Availability
    Single-node faults do not affect service operations, cause zero data lose and achieve 99.999% reliability.
  • High Performance
    Primary services can conduct concurrent transactions with millisecond latency, and in seconds for reports and in complex query scenarios.
  • Large Concurrency
    Can bear the load of hundreds of millions of users and millions of daily transactions.
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