The Dameng Database is already applied to many fields related to the national economy and people’s livelihoods. It also provides effective support for essential and core national fields as well as major enterprises, and already provides its clients with installed capacity in the millions.
5G, AI, big data, blockchain, cloud computing and other technologies are currently experiencing rapid large-scale application in the energy industry. Dameng provides the energy industry with the most fundamental technical support and continuously creates brand-new intelligent energy solutions for many different data life cycles.
As the digital transformation accelerates on all fronts, the telecom industry has gradually deepened integration with other industries. Dameng is constantly searching for new technical innovations and cooperates wholeheartedly with its partners, such as ZTE, looking to work together to increase the sustainability of enterprises’ businesses and effectively overcome uncertainty.
From the aviation to railway industries, Dameng acts as a “central nervous system” for information construction and enjoys deep cooperation with enterprises such as TravelSky and the China Road and Bridge Corporation, with services extending to over 400 cities globally and providing clients with 24/7 protection.
Educational institutions face the challenge of providing continuous learning and teaching with limited resources. Dameng provides varying levels of solutions based on its users’ needs and is adept at meeting the requirements for increasingly complex digital campus scenarios.
In the current world full of uncertainty, the finance industry will further bear the weight in the economic restart and recovery, while all other industries are relying on the financial industrial value-added recovery and upgrade. Dameng assists financial institutions in becoming better digitalized ecological enterprises.
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