Read about Dameng’s work with the Fortune Global 500 China Mobile
Dameng’s next-generation distributed cluster assisted China Mobile to create a big data analysis system.

Helped China Mobile Fujian win the 2022 IDC China Future Enterprise Award—the Excellence Award.

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The project upgraded and transformed the core business system and assisted China Mobile Fujian in winning the 2022 IDC China Future Enterprise Award—the Excellence Award. The project played an important role in optimizing customer experience, improving service efficiency, and preventing and controlling security risks in code and other areas.

China Mobile Communications Group Fujian Co., Ltd., (China Mobile Fujian for short) is an affiliate of the China Mobile Communications Group which was established in July 1999. In October 1999 the company was listed in New York and Hong Kong as one of China Mobile (Hong Kong) Limited’s wholly owned subsidiaries. The group already covers a wide a range of areas and a large number of businesses as a high-quality, professional integrated communications network that engages in mobile communications and IP telephone and internet services.

Its big data analysis system is China Mobile Fujian’s core application system which carries the load of the National Broadband Network, internet TV, WLAN, 2G voice calls, 4/5G services, the internet and other end to end quality analysis work. Dameng’s next generation distributed cluster DMDPC, as a big data system core production depot, fully supports the normal operation of all the above services.

To respond to complex and diverse big data analysis demands, the project adopted the 48 point cluster DMDPC, which included six SP computational nodes, 40 BP storage nodes and three MP metadata nodes. The data used three copies, with the multi-copy data based on the Raft consistency protocol to realize strongly consistent data and system availability, whereby if any copy suffers a fault, the user’s data does not suffer any losses.

Client Benefits

At present, the system has already officially switched over to Dameng’s database and since the project was put into operation, the system has run smoothly, comfortably completing the daily new data entries and real-time processing and analysis tasks. DMDPC processes on average around 330TB of raw data daily, inputs 87 billion data entries and 2.4 billion output analysis results, with the number of single table data records from some core business tables exceeding 20 billion.

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