About us
Dameng has been deeply involved in the database industry for 40 years and is the leading Chinese database product developer and service provider.
Who We Are

With the rapid development of the digital economy, Dameng has accumulated rich experience in digital transformation solutions and can provide clients with database software, cluster software, cloud computing and big data, and a whole series of other data products and related services.


Our products are already applied in dozens of industries including finance, energy, aviation and communications, and we help support the daily necessities of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Dameng’s mission is to create a world-class database brand and we strive to use technology to drive the development of various industries and continue to create value for society.

Dameng has mastered core frontier technologies in the fields of data management and data analysis.
2019 to present
From 2019 to present, Dameng’s products have been thoroughly promoted domestically and overseas, having earned over 400 industry compatibility certificates and gradually maturing our ecosystem.
In 2019, the next-generation Dameng database management system DM8 was released. Its diversified architecture fully satisfied requirements for various differing scenarios and could support large-scale concurrent transaction processing and transaction-analysis hybrid service processing, as well as dynamically allocate computing resources. In the same year, Dameng’s market share ranked first in the Chinese database market, and continued to be applied in the overseas market as well.
2013 to 2019
From 2013 to 2019, Dameng’s products were successfully applied at the Zimbabwe Supercomputer Center, Peru Supercomputer Center and other projects, as the company was starting to win approval from overseas users.
In 2013, the first overseas project based on DM7 was successfully implemented in Thailand’s Ministry of Education. This project marked Dameng’s official entrance into the overseas market and opened the way forward for expansion overseas.
In 2012, the next generation Dameng database management system DM7 was released, which supported large-scale parallel computing and mass data processing, making it an ideal enterprise-grade data management service platform. The release of DM7 represented the start of Dameng’s products entering the full promotion period.
In 2006, DM5 was improved in terms of security, reliability and producibility, with the Geological Disaster Warning and Command System of Three Gorges Reservoir Area going online and with products entering into the demonstration application phase.
In 2000, the Wuhan Huagong Dameng Database Co., Ltd., was established. DM3 was born and applied extensively in several fields, winning high praise in the Chinese database industry many years in a row.
In 1992, the Huazhong University of Science and Technology Dameng Database Institute was established, making it the first database institute in China.
In 1988, the Chinese prototype database management system CRDS was born with an independent copyright owned by China; the prototype for the DM database;
Services and Cooperation
We provide the following services according to the actual situation.
  • On-site technical services
    On-site technical services
    Dameng’s or its partners’ technical service personnel can visit the user site and install software, conduct training or offer on-site operation guidance.
    Dameng has established a technical service center headquarters in China to coordinate all technical service work globally as well as provide support for regional technical service centers.
  • Remote technical support
    Remote technical support
    Dameng can provide remote on-line debugging. Using remote control tools, our technical service personnel can log into a user’s computer and carry out program debugging and error processing.
  • Email consultation
    Email consultation
    If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at any time. We will get back to you as soon as we have received your email.
Eco Partners
We have already completed compatible adaptation with over 1,000 products from over 1,000 manufacturers upstream and downstream in the industrial chain, working toward joint innovation on the eco principles of Empowering, Cooperating and being Open to drive industry development and create an ecosphere of shared prosperity. Chinasoft, Huawei, Inspur, HIKVISION, Tencent Cloud, CTYun, eEcloud.10086, Lenovo, China Unicom, Fiberhome, AsiaInfo, iFlytek, Yonyou…
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