Thai Exchange Team Visits Dameng

A few days ago, the Thai exchange team visited Beijing Dameng Database Technology Co., Ltd., in Xinchuang Park, Tongzhou District, Beijing, and experienced the charm of Chinese database technology. Zhang Jinsong, Dameng’s Vice-General Manager, Liu Xuanfu, Strategic Account Manager, Gao Shuai, Channel Department Manager, and others received the guests and expressed their warm welcome to these friends from Thailand.



During the exchange visit, the Thai exchange team went to the exhibition hall in Dameng’s Beijing branch and got a detailed understanding of the company’s developmental history, its achievements, primary products and industrial layout, and heard about the accomplishments and typical applications the company had made in the fields of shared clusters, cloud computing and big data, as well as in the national economy and people's livelihood.



Zhang Jinsong, company vice-general manager, stated that Dameng can be the spine of the Chinese database industry and that the primary reason for going global was that it independently innovated and built the “root code” for Chinese databases with full intellectual property rights. It boasts great advantages in terms of reliability, security, performance and usability.

After the visit, the exchange team spoke highly of the outstanding performance of Dameng’s database, pointing out that China’s rapid digital transformation could not have happened without independent R&D enterprises like Dameng and that many Thai sci-tech enterprises and also those from other countries could learn from them.


Looking internationally, informatization remains a prominent feature of global economic and social development, gradually evolving into a comprehensive societal transformation. At present, this transformation is triggering an even more profound change throughout the world and playing a pivotal role in the development of global politics, economics, society, culture and the military.


From the 1970s to 2022, Dameng has continuously accumulated experience over these 40 years and has constantly grown. Adhering to its principles of sustainable development in original innovation, paying attention to details and respecting technology, has helped Dameng grow into the leading Chinese database enterprise. In recent years, Dameng has moved into the international market focusing on its high-quality products and services to become the first Chinese database brand to develop the overseas market.

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