Cross-border Communication & Cooperation; Dameng Brand Launch Opportunities


Following the 2019 7th Military World Games, the beautiful city of Wuhan once again welcomed guests from afar—the Seminar on Business Data Collection, Synthesis and Analysis for Developing Countries delegation. The delegation was made up of 24 experts, scholars and officials from 14 developing countries in South America, Oceania and Africa. Among them were knowledgeable professors, young university students on the verge of graduation and important government officials. Although they all occupied different roles, all of them believed in the concept of traveling abroad to learn international cutting-edge technology.


But this was not the first time Dameng had come into contact with this delegation. Back in October of this year, at the Shenzhen database training program, this multinational team of friends with the outstanding traits of being astute, studious and enthusiastic, had already deeply impressed Dameng’s lecturers, as both parties established a profound friendship there. This time, they came as students to Dameng’s headquarters, and while strengthening ties of friendship between both parties, they also hoped to get a deeper understanding of China’s cutting-edge database technology.



The delegation first visited Dameng’s exhibition hall to get a detailed understanding of the company’s developmental history, market distribution, products’ technical advantages, core competitiveness, product application and other areas, before conducting a panel discussion. During the visit and discussion, the delegation expressed great interest in Dameng’s database products and database application cases, and made detailed inquiries into product performance, application scenarios, linguistic environments, user manuals and other areas. Everyone was highly impressed that China had managed to develop its own database products and the technical merits behind these products.


“On this visit to China, I wanted to get an understanding of China’s advanced technology. After visiting Dameng, we were filled with confidence in this enterprise’s future. We hope to have the chance to get acquainted with Dameng’s database-related products in the future.”—Malaysian Kar Yong Ng.



From the 1980s until the present, China has seen a shift from a reliance on imports to technological exports, experiencing rapid development that is obvious to all and has become the first choice as a reference for developing countries in the surrounding area. As the first Chinese database enterprise to gain national independent original product certification, Dameng has launched projects in overseas markets like Thailand and Zimbabwe, and has been successfully used for six years in core systems. Moreover, every year, Dameng has carried out multiple foreign aid training programs, hoping that via technological exchange it can establish cooperation with even more countries, and further promote its database products internationally, enhancing the global technical recognition for “Chinese databases”.



In the future, Dameng will continue to strive towards the goal of “China’s own database that enjoys full intellectual property rights and full source code” and further develop its domestic and overseas markets with confidence and its head held high!

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