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Application practice of Dameng database in integrated OA of China Construction Bank

China Construction Bank’s data center was faced with providing approval services for daily office work for more than 200,000 employees, including receiving and sending documents, signing reports, memos, to-do lists and efficient Kanban, as well as conference and vehicle applications.

Client Testimony
Client Introduction
Business Requirements
Dameng Solutions

The employee office platform based on Dameng’s database vigorously guaranteed the data security of the client’s automated office system.

China Construction Bank has almost 15,000 branches, employing almost 350,000 employees and provides comprehensive financial products and services to hundreds of millions of individuals and clients around the world. Its overseas institutions cover 30 countries and regions, with over 200 overseas institutions of varying levels.

In order to resolve technological bottlenecks that restrict the entire IT industry’s development, the client took the lead in its industry in conducting bottom-up upgrading and transforming its office information system. The employee office platform became an integral link in the client’s IT informatization upgrading and transformation, and therefore required a thorough technical solution to resolve insufficient hardware performance issues at the software and architecture levels.

The project successively adopted the DM7 and DM8 series of products. DM7 was put online for the send and receive documents office system in March 2019, and based on the stable and efficient performance of Dameng’s database, the client then comprehensively adopted Dameng’s next generation database product DM8 in its office approval system. To date, Dameng has provided stable support for various services and provided platform users with comprehensive and precise data services for over a year.

Client Benefits

1. System can easily cope with the daily office work of more than 200,000 users. Based on Dameng’s transparent distributed technology, the system can dynamically add service resources according to load pressure and guarantee the system’s high security and stability.

2. In a short space of time, it has swiftly overseen the migration of application data from the original database to Dameng’s database, reducing the project’s development costs.

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